Signs & Banners
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All menus, images & designs by me. Food court in Washington. Copper patina / beveled chevron design for 200+ hotel doors

Partial vehicle wrap.
Most of these logos were sent as
low resolution images & had to be
vectorized by me.
Partial vehicle wrap. Partial vehicle wrap.

One of many outdoor monuments
layed out & designed by me.
One of many hundreds of door vinyl designs.
Logo designed by me.
Large print for a salon.
A good portion of her right shoulder
(the non-logo side) was created by
me to extend the photo.
Even the company wanted the extended photo.

Printed & cut vinyl on acrylic. Those are routed letters on the wall.
Font matched & layout by me.
Printed & cut vinyl on acrylic.

Laser engraved sign. Prototype designs by me.
Laser cut with decals.
Prototype awards all laser engraved
and cut from 1/4" frosted acrylic.

Bass drum design in cut cinyl 3D laser cut & printed bank logo.
Made for ATMs for an event.
Vectorized logo recreated for a
machine restore. I only made the
light up sign.

Champion banner fully recreated
from photos of older banners of theirs.
Banner created for a venue. The only logo they had was a
hand painted version.
Completely vectorized by me.

This was a HUGE banner designed
by me.
The original purchased photo from a site. Close up of my editing work.