This site is currently being re-re-re-programmed by Figure Fight's Creator, yours truly, the bunny.
Bear, erm, Bunny with me.
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We start PUBLIC testing soon!
The next step is re-creating the official web site.
In the meantime, feel free to ask questions at:

What is Figure Fight?
Figure Fight (FF) is a Table Top gaming system that allows you to fight
ANY action figure versus ANY other action figure.

This scaled system encompasses ALMOST every power, ability & skill.
Allowing your battles to be limited only by your own knowledge
& creative use of a character's abilities & skills.

What's the story behind FF?
The original idea man is me, Jeff Carr. (aka Bunny)
The original idea came about shortly after moving to Arizona
and meeting one of my best friends here, Jeff S.
Both of us are into cartoons, RPGs and Miniature Gaming.
The idea came about from a now defunct miniature gaming system called Shock Force.
A generic point based miniature system.
In 2008, I introduced FF to a new face, JohnDoe.
He had some great ideas, but all of which were the complete opposite of the original purpose of FF. 
Due to JohnDoe's "anti-ideas", I made new breakthroughs on how the game was played. 
Bits and pieces from the previous 8 years of attempts were altered and added to the new system.
This is why the logo has 8 stars.
After many years of work, life getting in the way and A LOT of logic and number crunching... here we are!
That was 2010

OK, the story continues...
Figure Fight was at (what I thought) was approaching DONE.
Until I realized I goofed & missed a few major pieces.
Throwing the whole game in a spin of problems.
Luckily, another friend, Jeremy, who is a game designer, sat with me an "fixed" the system.
However, it was so "duck taped" & "bandaged" it was now too complex.
I put FF on the back burner of life once again.
I moved to a different state, new board & card games came out, kickstarter existed,
and more importantly, new wiki pages exist now.
New ideas came about on how to fix it all.

Finally, months of work... we are HERE! Ready for public viewing! 2017!

***How does FF work?***
FF is a simple engine game.
A dry erase character sheet, a special 9 sided die, and best played on a cluttered table or floor.

FF can play 1 on 1, 5 player free-for-all, team battles, 2 on 2, and any other combinations!

FF has 3 levels of play, Basic, Variable and Munchkin

Basic is meant for the age group of 10 to 14
play is simple and easy, no complex rules or details. Just a fun battle.

VARIABLE is a very wide area of game play.
The system allows you to take the basic rules and add on from 1 advanced rule to most of the advanced rules.
This changes play is many directions of challenge and fun.
As simplifying rules for BASIC, and adding crazy rule details for MUNCHKIN is easy.

Munchkin is the advanced gamers way of playing.
Rules like: falling damage, targeting individual body parts or setting the environment on fire and throwing it at a player.
Even the most uber of gaming geeks will love to play FF.

My friend's and I tried to make something similar. (and failed)
What makes yours so special?

Our simple yet expandable engine.
Eventually WHERE we are testing will be posted here.
Come join us and learn to play!

OK, if your system is SOOOO great, how did you make it a FAIR FIGHT between:
SuperDude, a G.I. John figure, He-Guy, master of the galaxy and my Jesus Christ action figure?

We didn't.
One of the BIG mistakes others make when trying to create
a system such as this is the words FAIR FIGHT.
It can't be done and make a dynamic game.
Our system allows the players to find out what is a fair fight and what battles are a total slaughter!

OK, I've dug out my huge bin of old action figures and I am dying to play!
Where can I buy this!

Hold on there... not yet.

Beta Testing.
We will be publicly testing our system & tweaking rules
We will be testing the system throughout Oregon.
Times & Locations will be posted here. On a more dynamic site.

Testing WILL start sometime SOON!

Future plans are TOP SECRET!
We have BIG plans for FF.
But that requires alot more work.
More info on this part as it happens.
I'll give a hint: Sports